Llama 2013 Official Statement

Firstly we would like to thank everyone that has supported the Llama Arts and Music Festival this year. We have worked hard to create another great festival for everybody. Tickets have been selling steadily but slowly and we understand that there are more people still expecting to buy tickets between now and the festival. However we have not sold enough tickets yet or at a fast enough rate to pay the considerable costs of the festival.

We the LLAMA team are deeply disappointed but have decided that, as there is no guarantee we will be able to cover all our costs this year, we have no choice but to cancel the Festival now so that the many people involved can make alternative plans. Please accept our sincere apologies.

As a committee there is nothing more we would love to do than have the spirit and set up of the old festival, where it was free to enter and wonder from venue to venue. However due to the new licensing restrictions placed upon us this is just not possible anymore. The only way LLAMA can operate like this was if someone is willing to burden the cost personally and pay everything not covered by festival sales.

Of course, we will refund all ticket monies in full. Most people have paid via Paypal but please allow up to May 24th as all the refunds have to be processed separately and manually. If you have paid in cash or by cheque we will refund it in the same way you paid.