A Survival Guide For Festivals

music-festivalsMusic festivals are not for everyone. They are cramped, noisy, dirty and usually far away from anywhere to buy supplies.

Assuming that a person – or a group – are in for the long haul at the festival, the first thing that is needed is a good, compact and sturdy tent. It is also a good idea to get a tent in a high visibility colour so that it can easily be found when coming back to the camping area after watching a gig, under a heavy downpour or in pitch black.

Bearing in mind that the festivals will be held mostly in summer, it would be a good idea to take a mosquito net to try and prevent the insects from getting into the tent. It is also a good idea to take insect repellent as a backup.

A good sleeping bag and a thin mat to lie on are also another must have. Even during the summer season it can still get cold at night, especially if it rains. Which brings up the next part – waterproof clothing. You can never tell with a summer’s day. It might be bone dry, or it could also be soaking wet so it is always good to have a waterproof jacket and hat.

Always take a first aid kit just in case anyone ends up with cuts and bruises. While it is a good idea to keep one handy, it is always wise to assess an injury before self-medicating. Plenty of bottled water is an essential for any festival goer, as are an abundance of snacks and easy to make meals.

Another very important thing to remember is to take plenty of toilet paper, tissues and wipes for an impromptu ‘shower’. Disinfectant, soap and towels should be in your baggage. Of course, a large bag is needed to fit all this stuff inside and as a final pointer – always take a day bag. It can be a long way back to the camping area from the gig stage.