Ensuring Safety at Concerts and Music Festivals

Safety at concerts and music festivals is a growing concern in our rapidly changing world. Numerous concert events have been targets for violence, quite memorably events such as the country music festival in Las Vegas, a past Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, and the horrific carnage that occurred at the Bataclan Theater in Paris in 2015.

For this reason, concert-goers must be made to feel safe if concert attendance is to continue. Companies such as Holm Security are tantamount to providing security at concert events and music festivals. Security at events can take many forms. However, some of the most common, include forms of security that concert-goers must past before entering the venue. These are frequently located outside and may even be at a distance from the music festivals, to provide a barrier of distance from the events, in case of any incidents.

Often these measures include the checking of purses or bags, as well as metal detection wands and/or gates to check for weapons. Some venues entirely ban the entry of liquids of any form and therefore check bags for these substances as well. Other venues attempt to increase security by limiting the types of bags that can enter a venue, sometimes by size or transparency, requiring that only clear bags of a certain size be carried into the venue.

Other measures include backstage security for the musicians and the forms that security takes, whether that requires limiting the entourage of musicians or surrounding them with armed guards.

Security guards within a venue are tantamount and must be present in a large quantity. Most importantly, these guards must be well-versed in security and emergency procedures in case of an incident. Large concerts and festivals often host crowds of tens of thousands of visitors and for this reason, crowd control and the minimizing of panic are essential. While the topic of safety and security at concerts and festivals may be alarming to some, it is lifesaving to provide concert-goers with a secure, safe experience.