Looking for Food at a Music Festival

music-festivalMusic festivals are an important part of modern culture. The dissemination of music to a much wider audience over the past few years has enabled fans to really carve out the niche of music they want to listen to and several festivals have assumed an identity to themselves and have become actual institutions.

But aside from the organisation of festivals in terms of performer line-ups, security, first aid, toilets, sewage and more, there is always the opportunity to sample delicious street food. Food on sale at festivals normally comes in two forms – tasteless rubbish aimed at filling the stomachs of those who have had a bit too much to drink; and really good startup businesses that are trying to make a name for themselves in the catering and food industry.

Many people might think that the only thing you can get at festivals is soggy burgers, sausage rolls and kebabs. While these remain to be staple products at any such event, there are also a good and increasing number of vegan and vegetarian food trucks which have built themselves up into brand names, serving something a bit different and a bit more healthy. Mexican, Chinese, Vietnamese, Italian, Japanese and Indian are just a few of the variety of cuisines that are usually found to be available.

A good tip for choosing a good vendor is to look for a truck that has a steady stream of people, but not so much to make the people in the truck cooking look stressed. That means that the food truck has overloaded in terms of orders that it has taken which could lead to a mistake in the order as well as missing or inferior food. Equally, avoid places that have no queue whatsoever, as this usually means that the food is not that great in quality and it is reflected simply by the fact that there is no one waiting to buy some.

Just look for a good steady flow of people and a busy, but happy chef and you’ll be sorted!