The Coming of Age of the Indie Musicians

indie-musiciansFor as long as man had lived, music has always been a part of life. Imagine the ancient times when there was no language. Even if the cavemen could not speak, they could hear. They mimic sounds to signify their intentions, which was how language started to form. But they also hear the beautiful sounds of nature too.

Fast forward to the modern times, music is among the biggest industries in the world. Those who are familiar with Apple and its history knows how music became the reason why the company came back from the dead. Steve Jobs bet large on the iPod and selling music on iTunes started the dominance of Apple in the music biz.

Today, as software and apps are made available to more people, the large majority of these were designed to create music. The ease of use allowed wannabe musicians become the rock superstars of their own worlds. And then on occasion, one would come out of nowhere to take the world by storm. How many YouTube sensations have there been? There’s too many to count!

There are big music festivals being set up, but more and more, especially in smaller cities or communities, there are music events being staged for indie music.

This used to be the domain of big name organisers. Some happenings have seen over a hundred thousand people attending. But technology changed everything. Today, even those without backing and contracts from recording companies have different platforms to showcase their talent.

In the coming years, expect more music festivals to be held featuring different indie groups and upstarts. The best part about this is that these are almost always the musicians and bands who sing for the love of it with their original compositions. These are music that must be appreciated for its purity as opposed to commercialised music performed by the bigger stars.