The Experience of Music Festivals versus Concert Venues

The consumption of music can be an intimate or a communal experience, whether consumed through headphones on a personal device, shared with one’s family while driving in a vehicle, heard live at an intimate concert venue, or shared with an enormous crowd at an outdoor music festival.

The experience of live music can differ greatly whether heard in a small concert venue with few others, a large indoor arena, or an enormous outdoor space such as at a music festival. The sound quality, as well as the personal experience and comfort of the concert goer, can vary dramatically.

When a venue is built for music, the acoustics will be quite different from those at an outdoor field, at which the sound quality may be lesser. Plenty of barriers to achieving optimal sound exist in outdoor venues, such as the elements, weather variations, and the inability to completely eradicate external sounds. Further, feedback can be an issue and the consumption of the musical act varies hugely depending upon the place where the music-lover is standing. Changes in weather can result in cancellations, delays, and last-minute changes that greatly affect the concertgoer’s experience.

On the other hand, the music festival experience is simply an adventure of its own, in which frequently fans can travel from stage to stage and build their own concert experience, rather than adhering to a lineup pre-prepared for them. Those wishing to experience art or other entertainment along the festival grounds can do so as well, and obtain food and drinks at their leisure.

A music festival can turn into a picnic, a gathering of friends, a leisurely afternoon experience of pleasures beyond just the consumption of music, which differs from the experience of a concert at a venue large or small. This site greatly expands upon the music festival experience as well as instructing those wishing to build their own music festivals. With the proliferation of information online, is increasingly valuable to the online visibility of music festivals. No matter the avenue for music consumption, an online presence is a must.