The Joys of a Live Performance

the-joys-of-a-live-performanceThere are very few acts that manage to sound as good live as they are in a recording studo. One of the best live performers in living memory – whether you liked their music or not – had to be Queen.

Frontman Freddy Mercury was nothing short of spectacular. He was a genoius songwriter, a fantastic piano player and an even better singer, hitting notes that have even been known to cause trouble to establishefd opera singers. But above all else, Freddy Mercury was a showman that the world had never seen before and nor is it likely to ever see one again.

There are many bands which have developed their own style and way of coming across as unique in live performances. Queens of the Stone Age, Muse or Coldplay are all very good examples of such virtuosity. Coldplay’s Chris Martin’s ability to play so many instruments as well as his ability to mix pop and rock and sing to it in his uniuqe voice make the band a a big draw and are always headlining in some place or another during one of the many summer festivals.

Queens of the Stone Age are more of a good old rock and roll band. Their lead singer Josh Homme also has his own particular gravelly voice and a very unique way of swinging his guitar while performing. This band sometimes has some issues because it changes band members and has even had legendary Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl play a few songs for them. It’s hard to reproduce the sound captured into the studio when playing live but these guys nail it!

And that brings us to Muse, another excellent example of a band that sounds totally unique and different from any other. It is extremely rare for three musicians to be able to put out such a wall of sound. And when they hit the distortion button – it’s an entirely new musical world.