The Rise of the Internet Musician

The origins of modern music saw songs produced in a very different manner to the way that they are made today.

Forget the notion of teenage boys and girls practicing in a garage to become a band, things were different before that. In the 40s or 50s, musicians simply played songs that were written for them. Music companies used to have full time songwriters that would cobble together song after song, all day and every day. Those songs were then presented to managers who would look into what pool talent was available and then assign the song for the performer to master. Even the king of Rock and Roll started this way.

the-rise-of-the-internet-musicianBut over time, things started to change, especially in Liverpool in the North West of England. A group of young men who went on to become the Beatles fought with their manager, insisting that they wanted to write their own songs and have a good degree of control over the way the music sounded. They still kept the clean good boy looks before touring the United States, but this band had control over what they were producing and the message they were putting out.

Over the years, this model changed slowly and more power was given to the artist rather than the manager. But then something incredible happened: social media. Given the rise of technology and apps and programmes to make music, it became a lot easier for young people to create music in their own home, in their own room even. This gave rise to a whole new generation of musicians who have no shackles whatsoever. They can produce what they want, record it how they want it, edit it to get it to sound exactly right and then all they have to do is upload it on the internet, choosing the platform they like best, hoping their creation goes viral. If it does, then it’s simple: a brand new hit and a star are born.